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Educators get textbooks and educational materials students need in easy-to-read formats.


Students in kindergarten to college and beyond access school and leisure books on their own.


Adults access books to pursue careers, stay informed, and enjoy bestsellers and newest releases.

Global Readers

People in over 30 countries access Parthib Books to pursue employment and education.

What Our Users Say
Jakir Ahmed Jitu Student, Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka

There's no doubt that the Library is a wonderful place to visit, but you won't have to go very far to borrow e-books. Reading books on this platform is a lot of fun.

Ahmed Ravid Student, Notre Dame College, Dhaka

Many required books are available here. Reading books is very easy. I have collected many of my useful books from Parthib Books. I am happy for this.

Dr. Junayed Ahmed Doctor, Chittagong Medical College

A large collection of Bengali books is available here. Books are now a much easier way to read. I really like the system of Parthib Books. It's very nice.

Kamrul Islam Officer, City Bank Ltd.

Now everything is internet based. I love e-books of Parthib. Whenever I get time, I collect books from here. I really enjoy this platform and the format it presented in.

Farida Yasmin Sweety Tokyo, Japan

I am overwhelmed by reading books on this platform. I enjoy reading books on Parthib Books. I spend a lot of time here in my spare time.

Yasir Arefin Tusher Software Engineer

Parthib Books is a digital library. This site is so helpful in terms of learning anything. This website is optimized, well-decorated, and has a user-friendly.

Sumaiya Sumi Hossain Student, University of Oulu, Finland

Parthib Books is a big part of my spare time. Thank you very much for making such an amazing platform. This platform is so helpful in terms of reading any book anywhere.

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